I just happen to go through two textbook prepared by National Curriculum and Textbook Board, Bangladesh and what I found was some cheap, immature and distorted information about manipuri people living in Bangladesh.

The textbook ‘Social science’ of class V describes manipuris as little eyed,flat nose and white skinned creatures.They also said Manipur is inside Assam, Manipuri boys and girls dances together in the night of marriage, manipuris build houses near riversides, Gauranga is a demigod etc. The other book ‘English for Today’ for class IX & X has mentiioned that Manipuris used to decide the future and success of the marriage by tying up the wings of a Cock in ground. Then the writers even have gone crazy to facricate a proverb – ‘En khang tam nau bau’ which make no sense either in Manipuri Bishnupriya or in Manipuri Meitei language.

It is clear that the writers of the textbooks have been misguided by a mischivevous force all throug. It is indeed a discrimination against a ethnic group without any sorts of study, research work or verification. It is very important to have a field work and ground study before making up stories which are invariably related with any race, people, culture and their sentiments.