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Simple things that make me proud…

Posted on: October 28, 2007


.. The fragrance of Lonchak… the taste of Irolpa, Ngouthong, Sinchau… the festival of Bishu, Kang, Mera, Kartika, Raspunima, Fagu … the legends of Soralel, Sanamahi, Pahangpa, Leimarel, Khamba-Thoibi… the Nungshi flowers Lehau, Senarai, Singarei, Malati that bloom in every house yard… the fascinating beauty of a Bishnupriya Manipuri girl with the traditional dress Lahing, Chaksabi, Inafi… the golden crops and the green field that I see when I look through my window… the rich ritualistic and recreational Dance forms, Songs, Tunes of Pung Cholom, Pala, Raslila, Khubak Ishei, Thabol Chongba, Basak… the artists with glamorous costumes and ornaments… its the exclusive individuality that makes Manipuri culture so rich… I am proud of that… I am really proud of that.

…And the warm hospitality I have experienced in the remote villages… The sweet words of the people… their simple and easy lifestyle… the folklore and folk tales narrated by our old Dango’s and Bopa’s… make me proud.

…And the pattern of our houses, furnitures… even the design of our jewelry… the arts and science our forefathers developed through ages… so unique so matchless… I am really proud of my individual identity as a Bishnupriya Manipuri.

…And the fact that in almost all schools and institutes, Bishnupriya Manipuris are generally in the top of their classes among others… in studies, in literature, in performing arts and in games… I am proud of that.

I could go on and on about a thousand more reasons that make me proud as a Bishnupriya Manipuri!

I will always prefer to born as a Manipuri… and die as a Manipuri.

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25 Responses to "Simple things that make me proud…"

yes, people are sweet and every thing related to BM is sweet.

I could go on and on about a thousand more reasons that make me proud as a Bishnupriya Manipuri! Indeed there are.

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Thank you rishikesh for visiting this blog. Very busy going these days so I cant manage enough time to write or post articles in regular basis. I’ve gone through your blog and must say its awesome. Please keep your efforts up.

Yes, another good step done by Ashim. Thanks a lot. I am reading all articles now. Very very good looking, informative and nice articles. I would like to bow my head for your wounderfull job. Thank You.

Thanks, Uttam and Ashim for the comments. Not only I am happy with your comments but the writer of the post, Ranita Sinha is happy getting the response from you all. it is an encouraging act for us to carry on the work. Anyway I am adding the link of this blog in my blog. It would facilate others to drop here.

I must say I come to know this blog exist from the Google Alert. In your last post you used the word – BIshnupriya manipuri so i received the link of the blog.

Please add a subscription option or add the word bishnupriya manipuri in every post you add in this blog. so that i can come to know something has beeb added here.

The look of the blog, adding to it the content is fantastic, awesome.

A must visit blog.

really, buddy u took me to my village even i am proud to be bishnupriya manipuri and i would like to born as a bishnupriya manipuri in my every birth and die as bishnupriya manipuri.

dear Deepali,Thank you for the feedback. It was really great to learn about your love your own community and culture. Take care.

Hello Mr. Ashim!

U’ve done a very good job 4 ur society. pls check out this link if u want to make money on the web.


hello ahsim i went through your ithak, sorry to say that since I am NOT proficient in bengali i cant read. can u do me a favour can you please translate the interview of Late Bimal sinha. That would be one another good post.


thank rishikesh for your interest in the interview published in ithaak,I’ll try if I can manage time. the interview is in bishnupriya manipuri language so please take help of anyone who can read bishnupriya manipuri.

“Khamba-Thoibi… the Nungsi flowers Lehau,Sanarei,Singarei,Malati that bloom in every house yard…”

i hav no idea why i cry when i go thru this!! be regular boy, at least i will read ur blog all the

Every aspect of a BM village is so nicely touched that it is sure to make one emotional..really loved this article..and to add to it i love the smell of chushor ji that comes when u pass through the lanes of a village..


iv been searching the web for anything related to manipur as my daughter 5 year old has been asked to dress up as manipur boy for school.. i wud like to ask few questions related to symbol of the region etc. can u plz reply if ur free.

Its a beautifully written piece.

My dear brothers and sisters,

I am from Manipur and I am happy to hear that some of my families are living far away from our motherland since long time back. Even though our fore fathers are same, it is hard to meet and talk.

Recently I meet a friend from Bangladesh and he talks about the Bishnupriya Manipuris , I feel something in my heart.

Dont forget that you have a brother in Manipur.

Long live Bishnupriya Manipuris.

it was great to hear a voice from manipur. many thanks for your comments, thabal. best wishes.

Yes, one thing I am really proud of is Irolpa not forgetting the rest.

bishnupriyas and manipuri are different words and bishnupriyas is not a manipuri.manipuri is a collective name of the different communities on manipur and the meities are with largest population.some of the bishnupriyas historian might mistaken and misinterpret the past.similarity does not mean that u are proud to be a bishnupriya not be as a bishnupriya manipuri as i am being proud to be a meitei…….

@ramananda shak thu, the ppl of manipur also ppl migrated from manipur in various times fo history called themselves manipuris since a long time. the term ‘manipuri’ was given by outsiders to denote the arts and culture of manipur. the culture of manipur belongs to the bishnupriyas too. moreover the bishnupriyas now in assam, tripura or bangladesh, are migrated from manipur, no doubt. so they have equal rights in term manipuri. period.

@ kothe
Dear friend

I don’t knw who u r….but allow me to correct you that bishnupriya and Manipuri are two separate terms. Meitei never use Meitei and manipuri together because Meitei itself is in Manipuri. Bisnupriyas adopt the culture of Manipur, start spreading outside Manipur, try to paint a backdrop for the community and start declaring to be their own culture which is absolutely lack of sense. Because, bisnupriya seems to be handicap without the word Manipuri. I m sorry if I m hearting anybody’s sentiments, but this is fully a personal view……

to be contd…..

hai kothe…which state is there who’s names are not given by outsiders……even ur name kothe must also be given by ur dad or ur mom even though it does not sounds good ……kothe…hmmmm……we dont bother u people calling urself as bishnupriya but don’t fuse with someone identity which u people envy….(u mention above) ….try to recall the past history and recollect urself which decendent r u……bengali….or ….bihari…i remember the hmar people at tipaimuk area which look like a bengali as many married to them but speaks hmar….culture and tradition is the first step of colonialism…remember that and i will not let that happen…are there any tripuri at tripura…remember that….reply me…and speak out the truth….ha ha ha

@Rocky, the term Manipuri is not indigenous to manipur so what’s the point using it synn for Meitei? Because of the Britishers, LSI and Govt records? For the same reason ‘Bishnupriya Manipuri’ is used as a term, as in Britishers accounts, LSI and the Govt record of British india, the term “Bishnupriya Manipuri’ is strongly defended. also ppl in Assam. Tripura and Bangladesh knows manipuris having to major section – Meitei and Bishnupriya. in early times Meitei was knowm as ‘Meitei manipuri’ until there was a bill in the manipur assembly … there are enough supporting historical facts. finally the bulshit issue is already resolved by the high court and supreme court. but still some meiteis cant get over the inferiority syndrome and they are onto many shits like you told above. however you can eat your own shit and die.

ow really i love my community & i proud when i think i am a bishnupriya manipuri

Thank you for being a manipuri,

Foget about frictions among manipuri people. We dont need to debate over who is real Manipuri or not. Bisnupriya manipuri are also real Manipuri. Manipuri is not a homogeneous nationality, it is a heterogeneous nationality. if a nation is dynamic enough it grows. We are dynamic people so we are growing. We grow to the fact that manipuri national charactor embraced multi – langual. multi-religious and multi-ethnic identity by evolution through a long historical process.

Think about the Mizos,and Nagas .They pocess little similarities among their different tribes but they succeded in unifying under the banner of Nagas and Mizos.

Why not we the Manipuri capable of reunifying ourself. Are not we dynamic enough to expand or embrace beyon the present .

” Dhyan community ” who once call themself as Manipur few years ago are also Manipuri. I also heard some more manipuri communities are there in different parts of north-east. Let us invite them in Manipuri Conventions or organisations to join us. Any community or individual who wants to be manipuri should also be allowed to join Manipuri nation.

I am a meitei.

Let us be a dynamic great nation. Let us tigether make a great Manipri Nation. I invite you. you, please me invite. I can helf you in many ways . Also you can helf me in many ways.

Thank you again.

Hello after many research I found tat bishnupriyas and meiteis cannot be of same group. Ok their language is not same but their physical features also does not match between them. Main similarity can be stretched out by seeing their physical features whereas they do not have same features and anyone can adopt a different language that does not mean that they may be of same group just like ahoms adopted assamese language whereas their original language was ‘tai’. After researches I found that bishnupriyas do not have same feautures like meiteis. Instead meitei look like the naga people, they only say that they have common ancestry. Whereas in case of bishnupriyas I found that these people look like ahom people of assam their look is that they only have slight mongoloid features, they are not so dark like indian people nor they are fairer from the meiteis. Infact I would I would say bishnupriyas are not of admixture type if bishnupriyas are of admixture type then ahoms should also be whereas both are not of admixture type, they are also a seperate kind of people like aryans, mongoloids etc. Formerly I say that physical feautres only distinguish between people not language because anyone can adopt any other language. I am bishnupriya manipuri I have many ahom friends which are very friendly to me and I see that bishnupriyas and ahoms have same physical feautres. They are not the people from China and infact they are from Thailand which clearly shows from their original ‘tai’ language and from their physical features also. Chinese do not look like thais, malayasians or indonesians because they are not mongoloids, they are australoids. That’s why a bishnupriya or an ahom do not consider himself as a mongoloid like meiteis or chinese people

I’m also proud as a Bishnupriya Monipuri.

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