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50 Great Bishnupriya Manipuris (1960-1980)

Posted on: December 16, 2007

Great Personalities who have made a difference to Bishnupriya Manipuri society in the fields of Arts, Music, Dance, Education, Literature, Religion, Social work etc and contributed a lot to Bishnupriya Manipuri culture and spirit. Let us have a look on profiles of those great personalities who make us feel proud to be a Bishnupriya Manipuri.

Read Part one here

Part Two (1960-1980)

In the post 60’s – a brave and dynamic leader, a devoted community worker and a great writer was revealed in Bishnupriya Manipuri Community. His Name is Sarvashri Jagat Mohan Singha, former secretary of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, popularly known as ‘Jagatda’. Jagat Mohan was born in 13th December of the year 1920 in a remote village of Assam. He played impressive rule in the language movement demanding the recognition of Bishnupriya Manipuri Language in post 60’s and 70’s. He was respected with the title ‘Sarvashri’ given to him for his dynamic and courageous leadership. His literary works mainly the criticisms under the nickname ‘Dolan Ipu’ was very popular among the mass. He compiled the valuable research work on Bishnupriya Manipuri language and history – ‘The Bishnupriya Manipuris and Their Language’(1976). Jagat Mohan was also a dramatist and composer of many songs on social enlightenment. Songs like ‘Jonome Jonome more diya petheis hunar Manipure..’ or ‘Loktake kader, kader akkhula … ahir pani bela bela ‘ are still source of inspiration for Bishnupriya Manipuris.

Another remarkable community worker and a dedicated leader is Late Sri Dinanath Singha of Tilakpur, Bangladesh. He worked throughout his entire life for the betterment of Bishnupriya Manipuri community living in Bangladesh. He worked as the president of Bangladesh Manipuri Samajkalyan Samitee which was joint platform of Bangladeshi Bishnupriyas, Meiteis and Pangans. In 1973 and 1975 a deputation leaded by him met the that time Prime-Minister and that time President of Bangladesh arguing to provide faculties for Manipuri students, patronizing Manipuri culture, construction of Manipuri Mandhavs and broadcasting Manipuri programs in the national media. As a result of his efforts, in 1976 the Govt of Bangladesh started telecast of regular programs from Radio Bangladesh, Sylhet station in Bishnupriya and Meitei language under a common Manipuri line. The Govt also granted a fund for maintenance of the Mandavs and provided reservations for Manipuri students in Govt institutes. Dinanath’s leadership pressurized the govt to establish ‘Manipuri Lalitkola Academy’ to extend Manipuri culture and Music. Bishnupriya Manipuris of Bangladesh inaugurated many associations/awards by his name viz ‘Dinanath Smriti Academy’, ‘Dinanath Puraskar’, ‘Dinanath Britti’ etc.

Hanjaba Guru Bipin Singha may rightly be called as the “Father of Manipuri Dance and style”. He was awarded with a number of the prestigious titles. He has the past four decades with his disciplines – the Javery sisters -has contributed a great deal in the field of Manipuri dance and culture. In Bombay the famous performers and teachers are the Jhaveri sisters – Nayana,Suverna, Darshana and Ranjana Jahveri. They continue this tradition at their institution ‘Manipuri Nartanalaya’. The awards and honors achieved by Guru bipin singha can be listed as follows,

Guru Bipin Singha is one of those artists who have spread the beauty of Manipuri dance all over the world and have been honored both nationally-internationally on this subject and thus brought glories for Bishnupriya Manipuri community.

Among the living legends, the name of Dr. Kali Prashad Sinha comes at first. He is the first and foremost Bishnupriya Manipuri to be entitled with the degree Ph.D and D. Lit. He is the first exponent of Bishnupriya Manipuri linguistics. Dr K P Sinha passed M.A. in Sanskrit from Jadavpur University in 1963. He visited almost every village of Bishnupriya-speaking people in Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Bangladesh; studied dialectical differences and collected the vocabulary of the language. With all this materials a thesis entitled ‘A study on Bishnupriya Manipuri Language’, on which he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Jadavpur University in 1968. He joined the Assam University as Professor & Head of the department of Sanskrit. His remarkable contribution is the first ever ‘Bishnupriya Manipuri Grammar’ and the significant work ‘An Etymological Dictionary of Bishnupriya Manipuri’. He wrote a number of essays on Bishnupriya Manipuri linguistics, social problem etc and composed numerous poems, vaishnava padavalis and modern songs. He translated the whole Rasleela songs into Bishnupriya Manipuri language expressing the divine love of Radha and Krishna, which are previously found only in Bengali-Brajabuli version. Greater contributions of Dr K P Sinha are in the fields of Indian philosophy where ‘Nyaya-Darsana-Vimarsa’, ‘Sankara-Darsana-Vimarsa’, ‘The Buddhist Theory of Non-Self’, ‘The concept of Absolute Indian Philosophy’ etc worth mention. Dr K P Sinha was once involved with social activities with Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha and later he formed Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Sabha. In 1994, his statements along with his research works that were submitted to the Assam Backward Class Commission played an vital role in recognition and inclusion of nomenclature “Bishnupriya Manipuri” in the list of OBC. In personal life, he remained unmarried and he spent all his earnings in publishing books, organizing community events and founding the cultural point ‘Divyasram’.

Souvenir of Word Conference 2003 by NBMM
Kothika Matek by Prof. Ranjit Singha, 1992
Souvenir of 50th anniversary of NBMSP & NBMSP, 2006
Ithaak, January 11th, 1995 Issue
Pouri Patrika, August 2007 Issue

Sri Samarjit Singha, Tripura
Prof. Ranjit Singha, Mouvibazar


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This is yet another great article….to know about the personalities who had done so much for the community is indeed very nice..thanks once again for such a great effort..looking forward for more from ur of luck..


Dear Friend,

Happy to go through your wave site.

The title “50 Great Bishnupriya Manipuris (1960-1980)” do not have the detail persona of 50 peoples.
I will be very much impressed if I can see a glimpse of all the 50 people.
Also, I would be very happy if we think for the better prospect of our upcoming generations as for e.g., education, health, carrer opportunities etc. instead of showing more interests in other fields.

I want my people to earn, learn and be powerful like any other in the world.

I love my culture, it’s really beautiful than the others but I love my people first and want my people to live a happy and respectful life.

Love you all.


Prosenjit Sinha

i wish all bishnupriya manipuri happy durga puja. i serving in crpf and presently deployed in jammu and kashmir (shri mata vaishnu davi) katra. i use internet but no any kind of information for bishnupriya manipuri. more information for bisnupriya manipuri please guide me and sent me on my email my email id is (


Biography of all the greatest brishnupriya manipuri persona may kindly be reflected from all over the world so that it can enlighten
us and our community.


milan, high court, ghy

The name of Brajakumar Sinha popularly known as Isalpa Pacha Oja should be included among the 50 great B.Manipuris. He was a great star shining at the middle of the community’s sky. He should be remembered with reverence for his creativity, geniusness and dedication who had struggled alone throughout his life to popularise the language amongst the masses and for establishment, preservation and protection of his mother tongue employing it as medium for writing Vaishnaba Padas (verses) and performing it before a large audience.

i wish oll d bishnupriya manipuri’s a vry advnc holi….
Happy holi

I respected of bishnupriya manipuri culture democratic people . So but why bishnupriya manipuri language

A hearty thanks to the administrator of this page for providing this valuable information. I would like to know more about the great personalities of our bishnupriya manipuri culture, if possible please provide us. Thanks

With regards
Abhishek Singha

Me kishan me ja haarow oilu j amar tharor aala pailu intarneat a love u

im happppppy

nice to meet you,
My name is Abhijit. I am so glad to communicate with you.I want to be your friend and also want to know more about you site.I have something to share with you.Below is my email address i want you to contact me to my mail box,so that i can tell you more about me.loving and caring. Reply me through this mail( )Thanks

Amar “MINGAL” punchi palok, “Bishnupriya” punchi palok….

How can I download bishnupriya Manipur song and raas lila song. Pls sent me the download link.

Hrishikesh Singha

sir ,
me yampa harou oilu je me ebaka amar bishnupriya manipuri ela net hanat peyar me kita mattu aak rati hanat tullu ela han. me mor torofeto ahan matani monauri je monekor sudeshnar ela jeta pratyak state got alada . jodi ou ela uhani akpai pulkorani or te ami jobor harau oitangai . kyaka bullete silcharar lyrics alada tripurar lyrics aar surgo alada . jodi habbi hani akpai or te ami sudeshnar ela dile habihani pailang .

I’m Ruman sinha village; -Dudpur Town:-Silchar District:-Cachar (Assam) INDIA Pin :-788025 I like bishnupriya monipuri

Kulabati Sinha
, jobor harow lagil aji Bishnupriyar jeta jeta bisarlu outa mi peilu , Ela baro Great man or History peilu, thanku all Bishnupriya Monipuri , Loge Wish korowri artaw Advanc oik ,

MI Kulabati Sinha
, jobor harow lagil aji Bishnupriyar jeta jeta bisarlu outa mi peilu , Ela baro Great man or History peilu, thanku all Bishnupriya Monipuri , Loge Wish korowri artaw Advanc oik ,

mi bises Kore Je jirokgoi a web site ago uplord koriya honkorese ugore amar bishnupriyar monipurir somajeta niam pa thakat baro bana nunsi dewri jiroke parle arakou koto ala ba culture or Je kuno fantion kita asade uplourd koreile amar samaj honor ka niam pa hoba oitoi bulia mone korouri.jai jai bishnupriya.jai jai sudeshna ahan matiya mor comment han lomkorouri.

May I be assisted by the Bishnupriya Manipuri scholars, litterateurs, essayists, journalist, or even simple ordinary members of the community in writing an historical document about their movement for language and, on that matter, , details about martyr Sudeshna Singh ? I hope a reply will soon reach me in or

UDICHI, Flat A/3, 27/1 C I T SCHEME VII M, KOLKATA 700054

hi my name is sujeet sinha from [karimganj-katabari] .first of all i would like to say thanks a lot to whom created this web site
n i got evry answer which have in my mind abouit our culture , now i can xlplane to other also about this so thank you so much n god bless you

2016, 13th December is the 96th BIRTH DAY of Jagat Mahan Sinha.Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Parishad urges all the organisations of the community to observe the Birth Day of late Jagat Mahan sinha throughout the world.Shibendra Sinha the Secretary of the Central Committe of SAHITYA PARISHAD requests all specially the literary organisations to observe the DAY remembering his literature ,lyrics and the poems .
SHIBENDRA SINHA, Secretary,Sahitya Parishad.

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