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Hori Bola E Hori…

Posted on: March 21, 2008


Today is Yaosang, the Manipuri version of Holi.

The Manipuri observance of Holi differs a lot from the normal Holi observed throughout India. It is a five day festival of of Importance,often referred as ‘Phaguwa’ by the Bishnupriya Manipuris. While the basic Vaishnavite features of the festival are present, the manipuris have given it the added significance of its being a commemoration of birth of Sri Chaitanya or Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

On the first day, bamboos and thatches are collected from houses to construct a small mandir(hut) or shed called Yaosang near the road side. The image of Sri Chaitanya is brought into the shed and groups of people male, female, old and young arrange offerings in conformity with traditional and Gaudiya manner. In the evening of the full-moon day they set the hut on fire. After burning down the shed people collect ashes and paste them into their forehead.

It is said that the festival is observed to symbolize the pang of separation between Radha and Krishna and the manner in which Krsihna sees Radha after burning the shed.It is also evident that into this Vaishnavite festival certain traditional Manipuri aspects have been incorporated. It is likely that the Yaosang festival, was originally connected with the coming of spring, and that the burning of the Hut (Yaosang) may have symbolizes the destruction of the Cold and the farewell of winter.

The most characteristic feature of the festival is that, from the second to the fourth day, groups of people – irrespective of age, sex and rank – walk from house to house to collect “Vikkha” in the form of rice and money. During the begging they recite the lines in chorus “Hori Hori Bola – E Hori”. Smalls boys and girls beg money from the passersby. Youths are seen parading the streets with red powder, painting or sprinkling colored water locally called as “Pechkari”. In Manipur, boys and girls participate in the traditional Thabal Chongba dance.

Happy Yaosang and Happy Holi to all!

11 Responses to "Hori Bola E Hori…"

Thank u for such a wonderful post and wish u too a very Happy Phagua..

Dear Ashim,

I am so happy to read two articles on the same subject. One here and another on

how the same topic has been given a new altogether look.
it is great. at least those reading the two would come to know how we Bishnupriya Manipuri celebrate Holi.

salute to you..a nice gift…

Hori Bola R Hori

Thank you Ranita and Rishikesh

Hori bola e hori

Mr Ashim

I always find all ur articles most informative and very well organised and the you present is just fantabulous.. Its indeed grt. sense of pride and belongingness to read ur write ups…

Grt works , highly commendable..
Just for your information i discussed about ur works about BM community with Pandit Motilal Sinha of my village Bhakatpur , Silchar , Assam and he was highly pleased to learn the fact and has presented you with one of his compilation which is lying with me. I would be able to send that copy to you if u furnish your postal address to my id i.e.,

With regards,

Happy holi…
Hori bola …e hori..


awesome work on manipur culture

PURE BULLSHIT. Nothing called Bishnupriya Manipuri. Go look for your Mahabharata in Bihar or UP. Your chances are good there.

Dear Ashim,

I found the article very insightful. At a time when people are becoming more and more interested in western cultures and foreign ideas, it is nice to know tht there are at least some people who are still willing to hold on to the traditional ideals.


great article me tumkoria jobor hoba lagil…………

Mr Ashim

Your culture and our meitei are almost same…Being manipuri, you have to visit manipur someday…Come manipur…Enjoy manipur…love manipur…Long live manipur…

Hoirong gee culture mannabro?nang bishnupriya takusingsina touri mayamsi keimta khngdn hekta welcome touridubu nang kok bera leirbo?moina hairise makhoicn asengba manipurini,meitein konna lakpani,adu ada mayam amagi guwahati hight court ta moina ngmkhidn supreme court ta houjik houjik case tounaric keimatta khngde?noigumba hinduism da ngaoba sono chuba kharan meiteisingsi arjun gi macha masusingni haijilmbdei sanariba matha kumei ngaktanine.

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