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The game of Kang

Posted on: July 8, 2008

Physically, a fine race, the Manipuris is devoted to sports and games. There are number of traditional games that have their origin back in Manipur. One of the most popular indoor game among them is Kang. The game, Kang is known to the Bishnupriya Manipuris as Gilla (though Gilla is developed as a variant of Kang) and Kanga-Sanaba to the Meiteis. It is an indigenous Manipuri game played on the day between Manipuri New Year’s Day (Cheiraoba/Bishu) and the Ratha Jatra (Kang) festival.

A round object called Kang which is the seed of a creeper (Uri) is used in this game. It is about one and a half inch in diameter and ¾ of an inch in thickness. The game is played among two teams each of seven either males of females usually mixed up. A player has to Shoot a point from a fixed position. If the parties hit the target twice with the Kang then, Lamtha is adopted. Lamtha is played by propelling the disk on its flat side along the surface of the ground by the force of middle finger of the right hand acting the finger of the left.. At the end of half a duration of the play, interchange of the directions takes place. Of the two teams, the one who can hit the target for a greater number by two Chekpheis (shooting from a standing position) and one Lamtha is the winner.

There are tales, both legendary and mythological, that claim that Kang was played by gods and goddesses, soon after the earth was created. According to some sources Kang is played by the deity “Panthoibi”. It is believed that the seven players on either side represent the seven days of the week and the Chekphei and Lamtha kangkhul are believed to 15 in number on one side and both sides represent 30 days, making a complete month. There are evidences that the Manipuris began to play this game well before the arrival of Vaishnavism in Manipur. Earlier, the dignitaries of the Palace including the Maharani and the Maharaja also participated on social functions. In the old days Kang was played during summer starting from Cheiraoba/Bishu to Kang.

Presently, the game is played in several tournaments through out the year. Rules and regulation have been modified to suit the changing needs of the game. In Bangladesh a Kang Federation is formed to organize the game annually. Besides there are few individual attempts to preserve the cultural tradition of Manipur in some Bishnupriya Manipuri localities like Tilakpur, Ghoramara etc.

To download the special issue of Pouri Patrika on Bishnupriya Manipuri Kang celebration and the Game of Kang click here.

12 Responses to "The game of Kang"

Nice and informative article. Heard about the game of Gilla but did not know the rules of the game. But after reading got a clear picture of the game.

Thanks and regards..Ranita Sinha

not to mention each and every article is awesome.same is to this post.very much enlighteining.

PURE BULLSHIT. Get a life. Don’t hijack other people heritage. Go look for your Mahabharata connection in Bihar or UP, where you have some chance. Nothing called Bishnupriya Manipur. PURE BULLSHIT.

That was an informative article. Apart from 10-25 (similar to a game of dice), I did not know any other game played by Bishnupriya Manipuris though I have seen this game on television being played in the state of Manipur.

Note to Bullshit Detector:
Hey mate always remember you are a national talent but most importantly you are a gift to Meitei intellectualism. You express words in monosyllables and yet your discourse is so complete it displays a great mind in action. I am short of adjectives to express my admiration for you. My friend your classical quotes will stand the sands of time and will be talk of future historians someday. You are destined for greatness but unfortunately no Bishnupriya Manipuri cares a hoot on your valued opinion. So stop spamming and refrain from sharing your rich opinions on vile Bishnupriya Manipuris. We have too much of confusion and division among ourselves so you do not lose sweat. Kindly allow us to debate and quarrel among ourselves.


this is for the gadha called “bullshit detector”, go home and ask your parents if bishnupriya manipuri is now the name of the most civilized and cultured ethnic group in north east as recognized officially all over the world? you S of bitch khais will never understand,how come u,u are bastardised race born out of bm & naga gene. get some gray matters and logics, playing the same record wont work.

This is to bullshit detector,Pink floyd and Khai killer.
This is absolutely good that we the people from northeast divided in 300 and odd nos of tiny tribes and communities(compared to other communities in rest of the country) are trying hard to search for our roots and cultural foundations but Please don’t go full blasting on each other and start mudslinging It just shows our immaturity.In the course of our thousand years of history our forfathers have fought together or fought with each other.we came face to face a lot of time friendly or unfriendly but still because of their innumerable endeavours we are here to carry forward their names.Time has come for northeast to forge unity we can’t remain 300 and odd ,this will only culminate in search for your identity by working with each others and not by mudslinging.I am one of your brother ‘a Khai’

khurumjari friend, i love the way you promoting the manipuri culture worlwide. i am justa start up in this mission. i was in delhi since 2007 as a journalist for business and travel magazine. now i had returned to manipur to start my venture,.. i have come up with 4 magazines (3 english , 1 manipuri) to promote the culture people and our situation. magazine like LOOK EAST (for uniting community in aisan countries), the Manipur Times (for global identity), Agri Diary etc. I want a regular and most helpful inputs in bring teh manipuruis together, what cultural exchange we can do, and what wil be teh future of theis community head in coming days. can we meet or know more. thansk

dear ashim,
Please send me ur email id , phone number at


@tiken laishram lawai nupa thigunlao

Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel this site needs much more attention.
I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

mor asha manur choron duli

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