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Bishnupriya Manipuris should write their own history !

Posted on: August 17, 2008

T.S.Eliot wrote in his famous poetic work “Four Quartets” that time past and time present are both present in the time future. To make the way for the future we should explore our past. It is history, which is the gateway to enter into our past.

All the races or nations posses their own national history. History merely does not give an account of the rise and fall of kings or their kingdoms but it is a representation of the state of an entire civilization i.e the state of development of art and culture, literature, knowledge and science of a nation. The Bishnupriya Manipuris, being the part of a great Aryan civilization, were probably the first cultured race in possession of Manipur. Here I would rather impress upon you all to use the word ‘race’ than the word Nation. In the “History of Greece”, Dr. K.C.Choudhury said “The Greeks were rather a race then a nation since they lacked political unity which is regarded as the very foundation of national existence. The Greeks were divided into Ionians, Aeolians, Dorians and others smaller branches sprung from a single stock.” In the same manner as that of the Greeks we may say the Bishnupriya Manipuris consist of five dominant principalities under different clans like- Khumols, Moirangs, Angoms, Luwangs. Due to the ravages of time and historical misadventures the Bishnupriya Manipuri cronological history. If we go in search of the reasons behind this loss we find the following dominant factors:

Firstly, the Bishnupriya Manipuris like their Aryan ancestors lacked historical sense. Here I may recall the lines drawn by Arthur A Medonell in his “History of Sanskrit literature”: “History is one weak spot in Indian literature. It is in fact non-existent. The total lack of historical sense is so characteristic that the shadow of this defect, suffering as it does from an entire absence of exact chronology….”. The Bishnupriya Manipuris, like their ancestors, believed mostly on oral traditions.

Second, but the most dominant factor was the damage of historical relics, old records and other relevant information by the Meitei king Pamheiba or Garib Niwaj during the seventeenth century A.D.

Thirdly the three consecutive Burmese aggression to Manipur which have forced the Bishnupriya Manipuris to leave their ancestral home and settle down in different scattered locations in present Myanmar, Assam, Tripura and Bangladesh. During those dark days while people were struggling hard to save their own lives have forgotten to preserve the old records.

However, from such a virtual non-existence of any historical records some western and non-Bishnupriya Manipuri Indian writers (including historians from Manipur) have drawn brief sketches on the historical backgrounds of the Bishnupriya Manipuris. From their reference one can be sure that there were Bishnupriya Manipuris on the soil of Manipur. Among the western writers we may name Captain Pemberton, r.Brown, E.T.Dalton, T.C.Hudson, E.Gait, B.C.Allen, and Major Mc Cullock etc. But some of them quoted distorted facts under the influence of Meitei kings and intellectuals. Even the great master compiler of Linguistic survey of India, Sir G.A.Grierson could not free himself completely from referring to such distorted facts.

However, we express our heartfelt gratitude to him because with his justified statements we have won our war against the menace of a sested interests to cut out our existence from our historical roots. We pay our deep respect too to Late R.M.Nath who has highlighted certain facts on the history of the Bishnupriya Manipuris in his famous work “Background of Assamese Culture”.

History is a Science based on facts and reason, leading from hypothesis to thesis (from hypothetical knowledge to logical conclusion). Who will write history of this race? I may answer this question in the spirit of Bankim Chandra Chattapadhyaya that “It is I; It is you”. All of the Bishnupriya Manipuris should write their own history because in its truest sense only the Bishnupriya Manipuris can approach sincerely on the indepth and systematic study in this field.

Here we also remember with deep respect the works done by Late Mahendra Kumar Sinha. He is the pioneer in Bishnupriya Manipuri historical research. His work is compiled into three volumes of “Manipurer Prachin Itihas”, the first of which has been published earlier. We are awaiting eagerly the publication of the remaining volumes. Late Sena Singha contributed a lot with his work “Manipurer Itibritta”. But some of his findings are not free from controversy. We pay our deep respect to him too.Other scholars also contributed a lot in this field. They are Late Krishna Kumar Singha, Haridas Singha and other respected persons. There are other interested persons who have sincerely devoted themselves to the study of history. Most of their works are yet to be published. We are certain that one cannot be totally agree to all the findings by the earlier scholars as mentioned above. Moreover with the passage of time more informations are coming into light, which bring new spheres of speculations.

Contributed By – Dils Lakshmindra Sinha

* Excerpts from the Welcome address by the convener in the seminar on the History of the Bishnupriya Manipuris

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Thanks for the enlightening article.Indeed we are grateful to those people who spend their time for finding history and indentity.

I want to collect some history books,is it possible to share it in portable document format?

Thank u for compliments. please give me ur e-mail address. Ishall try my best to share history books.

Bisnupriyas are claiming many things like they are true Aryans, they are the original inhabitants of Manipur driven out by Meiteis etc. etc. without any concrete proof. Meiteis are claiming that bisnupriyas are war captives or refugees from the west , i.e. cachar, sylhet, etc. In this regard I want to ask the bisnupriyas the following questions:
1) why do the bisnupriyas look more like sylheti bengalis than true Aryans who are tall and fair complexioned?
2) why is bisnupriya language closer to sylheti Bengali than closer to Sanskrit?
3) why will a conqueror, i.e. meitei, adopt the culture of the defeated, i.e. bisnupriya? Normal practice all over the world is the conqueror imposing their culture on the defeated.
4) why are bisnupriya living side by side with meitei at most places outside Manipur if meiteis are their enemy who drove them out of Manipur?
5) how did bisnupriya who dont seem strong and able survive in manipuri valley surrounded by fierce mongoloid tribes ?

if you are a Pure manipuri than you will get my points otherwise you will prove yourself Converted Meitei –
Meitei = Khuman , moirang,anggom, luwang, pure Mangange , Khaba nangba and Khoiralpham .
Gutros of these Clans – Ongrisho , Madukailo, Byagra etc .
but mongoloid tribes like naga , Mizo etc are not belonging from any Gutro than why Mongoloid meitei use at all ( Meitei Claim they are Mongoloid race and their religion is Senamahi ) so Meiteis are not Manipuri it’s acceptable .

Bishnupriya Manipuri Claim – they are Aryan , Vaishnavite so we can accept them as a Manipuri because they have Clans and Gutro .

Meitei claim their ancestor – Atiya Guru , Next- Senamahi and Pakhangba ( another name Garib nibaz ) , totally Confuse story

Bishnupriya Manipuri claim-Chitrabana daughter chitrangoda/Arjuna their Son Bhabrubhan , his son Dutta Muni ( Meitei name Atiya Guru) his sons Senamahi and Pahangpa or Kongthokkongsil (Not pakhangba ) . we can accept it .

now decide yourself

Babrubhanos Grand son Dutta muni not a Son , Babrubahanos son is Jabistha .

Who is dutta muni?keep ur mahabharata theory in ur pocket?mr ajoy bm.

hi, i am from Manipur and a Meitei. I see what is it that we all are in the same . i dont know the origin but we are maintaining our culture and tradition. Its almost same. clothes, culture and rituals. Keep on research for our origin. lets establised your and our strong points so that we could proud of it as manipuri.

I m a bishnupriya manipuri, bt I consider myself as a manipuri. What’s wrong with all these racism. All bishnupriyas and meiteis are same. They have same clothes, dances, rituals, foodstuff. Yes language is somewhat different but bishnupriya manipuri language has considerably good number of meitei words, u all notice bengali, marathi or punjabi.etc-these language have less or approx. to nil kuki-chin words whereas bishnupriya had a gud no. so they sud be of same origin. We all should be proud tat we are manipuris and our manipuri dance is one of the most dance. We all knw tat in north-east manipuri people are the most popular people. We all are really proud manipuries so why we people give such attention in such racism indeed we will be more powerful than ever. I think we should make a mixed dialect containing half bishnupriya words and half meitei words so that they would get united among them and form a powerful nation. We should remember the proverb ”United we stand, divided we fall”. If we are united others will not have courage to destroy us. We should be very active, bengalis are very cunning they say to bishnupriyas tat ‘meiteis are nagas means tribals’ and they again say to meiteis tat ‘bishnupriyas are not true manipuries’ actually they wants to divide the manipuries for their own selfishness infact bishnupriyas or meiteis, both are manipuries. I would say to the bengalis tat ‘you bengalis go to your own W.Bengal or Bangladesh and don’t try to divide among these innocent people.
I am really proud to be a manipuri.
Long long long….live manipuries.

Hi Ajit,
U have written good things (bishnupriyas and meiteis are same). But exact story is different ,Basically the meiteis are not Indian they are burmese. According to me they should consider themselves they are not Indian.

it may be acceptable if Meitei Spek bishnupriya language which Pakhangba or Gorib nibaz Destroyed in Manipur .

Hi the so called Bishnupriya Manipuri, please try to mantain your own identity. You yourself claim that you belong to YOUR GREAT ARYAN RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What a joke? You know Aryan are tall white and fair looking European people. But what about you? You are black dull looking ugly people having dirty mindset borrowed from your neighboring Bengali. It is true that your language has some aryan elements that you borrowed from Bengali because you are bastard(no proper origin). Bengali borrowed from Bihari, Bihari borrowed from Pakistani, Pakistani borrowed from Iranian and Iranian from European. Now you are going to borrow from Meetei. OK go ahead, we love street dogs like you because you are another creature in this universe. But don’t try to bite your Malik, be careful.

Sorry Sir, Meitei language is more akin to Mizo (Lushei) and Tangkhul Nagas. Can it be a proof that the Meiteis are originated from all those tribes?

hahahaha they use word like TOI, TUMMI, PHANGNASE… KHAMDOURI… all broken and dull… sometimes MISLEADING…

Please have a thorough knowledge on Bishnupriya Manipuri language and then make comments. otherwise, u will prove yourself as a stupid one.

Ho mahashoi, all people come from one source.

so it is spcialy for k b mangang the1.5ft tal chinese.bisnupriya nd meiteis r lving 2gether sinc decades both r of same orign.u said lik tht bcoz u r of chines origin u dnt knw the history bcoz a real manipuri wl nt tak lik tht.u thnk u r handsom bastard u dnt hv even a proper eye just do evrythng wit a slitly open eye lik n owl.wat u thnk u r fair bastard rub my solid waste on ur face thn u wil b fair enough to tel tht.nd wht u said u r the malik. bastard com to me i wl giv u 50000 for cleaning my boot.

brisnupriya manipuri is original manipuri.meitei is trival

Historical process has made both the sects(Bishnupriyas and Meiteis) Manipuri. Neither of the two should claim themselves as original or real. Both are part and parcel of great Manipuri culture and tradition.

hahahahahahaha y r u not even in manipur then…. please u ppl don’t even speak ur bishnupria language these days…. u speak bengali…….. stop fucking the history of manipur by creating all sorts of mahabharta story based upon ur imagination….. u people may have migrated from manipur but u got fucked by all the mayang people now u look beautiful very beautiful(pun intended)…. please create some more fake stories and see if arjun comes out of the mahabharat book to fuck ur people back into aryanization.. aryans it seems!!! duh!

Sir, this reflects your chouvenistic outlook and inferior mentality only. Thanks.

U fucking khais u cme frm my p***…actly wat u ppl r mayangs ur all cultures borrowed by us…

My friend, don’t get excited.

Hi bhumeswar I lke ur cmnt bt
Is bout our history dude dat’ y dn’t be rude ok


Some historians mentioned that Meitei are some degraded people driven out from Tartar kingdom of China. They were treated as slaves by the Burmese kings (Myanmar). so they are known as Khai Manipuri.

U idiot meities..for what r u so proud of?..u laugh us?..first look at urself..most of u people are not able to speak any other language than ur fucking mother tongue..and u laugh at us..if u people think that we ar not originals from Manipur, than why u people spend ur precious time digging out what we do..we never go to see what u people do..actually u people know that we r now becoming a threat for u..mind ur own task..otherwise u will not even know that ur balls have gone for a ball..RED ALERT!!!!!! poor creatures..

One should not get excited at others stupid comments.

Bishnupriya – Vishnu lovers
Mani-Jewel Pur- Land
Hi Folks,
Appreciated the piece of article being circulated here for pure knowledge seeking exercise. If someone call themselves Bishnupriya Manipuri as a sect/clan/race/tribe/religion then this is a very void ideology.If you want to know your history then there has to be an origin somewhere. If BM believes to be Aryans then you should track your origin westward instead of looking towards East. If Aryan is your race there is not a slightest chance of being an origin inhabitant of A Mongoloid Majority Mass Land of Kanglaipak/manipur. We manipuri know of Sylhet and its kind hearted people who sheltered them during Manipur Burma War. But trying to create your own history will never go down well for next generation to come because it will remain an obscure idea without any basics. Meitei vaisnavism happened,meitei sanamahism flourishes,meitei Christianity is happening,meitei pangal follows Islam and all are proud to be manipuri. But what is this Bishnupriya Manipuri? Are you a different race who follows Ahom/Bengali/ Meitei culture? I am not here to instill meitei but i want to know what will your next generation consider your race? Aryans/Mongoloid/Anglo/xxx
This issue to separate manipuri will never be a healthy issue in century to arrive. Though we consider you manipuri, but don’t alienate yourself further by this Santidas gosai fever.


By the way today manipuri means NAGA,KUKI and MEITEI.Soon lost in wilderness of Names

The Meiteis are to think twice for their future. While destroying the identity of the Bishnupriya Manipuris they are losing their own!

manipuri meaans those who are habiting in manipur /kangleipak

By the way many of you also have mongoloid features, maybe a cross breeding occurred somewhere if you cant consider yourself to be like the meiteis( which is inferior race according to all your write ups) hehe. Best of Luck keep digging, who knows BM might have arrived from Germany(the real Aryans).

wellwisher I really loved ur comment.. although u had qstions to b askd… u did it in healthy way.
em a bishnupriya n em happy dat way… wats all dose squibling arnd for…it dsnt matter if em an aryan or tibeto Burman … em happy day we ol live in one of d most beautiful places on dis planet..
I have my share of meitei,arunachali fends but ol we talk is abt our home…

Manipur is a land of moirang, luwang, angom, khumul, ningthoujas and. The present meitei community is not a race of only one group, it comprised of moirangs, angom, khumul, ningthoujas and luwangs- its a combined race. Moirangs and khumuls were the ancestors of present bishnupriyas. Then why the bishnupriyas distinguish themselves from the meiteis, infact they are a part of the same group. Their language is different from the meiteis because the bishnupriyas had left manipur 250 years ago and meitei itself has various changes of their language in the early 19th century because there were nine new sounds were added in it’s language. If bishnupriyas would not have migrated from manipur to other places then their language would have been same. But what has happened has happened now these people should not argue between among themselves rather should think how they would unify themselves. The first differnce in them is the language. To unify themselves they should have the same language otherwise they will never unify. So scholars from both meitei and bishnupriya try to make a mixed dialect language consisting both bishnupriya and meitei words so that both could understand it. And culturally both are almost same having same clothes and same footstub. And in case of matrimonial relationship there is no objection. We should always remember the proverb ‘UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL’, if we fight among ourselves one day manipur would captured by other foreigners and our original inhabitants will lose their control. So it’s high time that they should understand and unify among themselves. Both bishnupriyas and meiteis are original inhabitants and thus both are manipuris. I am also a manipuri and I am proud be a manipuri and this is a message to all my manipuri brothers. Long long….. live manipuris.

The Bishnupriya Manipuri language has its root from the first Aryan wave in the Manipur Valley settled during the 1st or 2nd BC. They were Sanskrit Souroseni Prakrito speakers of Middle Gangetic valley. Various waves of Aryan people settled in the valley from time to time. The language originated from the Tibeto-Baurman groups especially Meitei has its influence in shaping the language due to historical reason. Thanks.

While the Manipuris, especially the Manipuris outside Manipur are still facing the Bishnupriya problem it would be worthwhile to bring out such books that shows a clarification on the Bishnupriya. Besides Ch Manihar’s book ‘A clarification on the Bishnupriya in relation to the Manipuris’ which is commendable, this book is also worthy to be mentioned. The Bishnupriyas have always been pressurizing the Government of Assam that their language should be included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution claiming they were the first inhabitants of Manipur. What an awful claim is this? Here in this book the author at the very outset tells about the Meitei, the original people of Kangleipak (Manipur). The unalloyed Meeteis are the original people of this land. The Meetei upto this day think themselves to be the descendants of Gods because of the background of the Puya. The Puya says the original Meeteis were created by God in the likeness of Him. The Meeteis were created looking at the image of God, as a model of God’s shape and likeness. These people called Meeties are living this in land now called Manipur today. Whether the Bishnupriyas are the Mayangs or Kalishas or any other race related with the Indo-Aryan race group or any other group whose racial name Bishnupriya was derived from Bishnu worshipping or from any other reason, their association with the history of Manipur was only since 14th century AD. Before this period, they were non-existent in this land, clarifies the book.

this is very complicated.i feel pity 4 bm. dey dont know their roots.only soln is bm learning manipuri and speaking and assimilate themselves wth the manipuris as many of them had done.

The truth is that bishnupriya manipuri never said that they are different from word ‘manipuri’. Bishnupriya is a word to distinguish 4rm the meiteis. We were always proud to be manipuri. Whereas the meiteis are always proud to be meiteis from the earlier days. Also they are found with genetically found similar with nagas with their blood groups and samples and that proves that they have naga ancestry and whereas our bm is nt having genetic similarity with the meiteis nor with the bengalis. We are totally a different group of people like nagas, bengalis and oriya or biharis etc and we are termed as only manipuris and bishnupriya is to only distinguish from the meiteis. And also our marriage system is of gandharva style. Nagas are very proud be nagas like that we are proud to be manipuries whereas these meiteis have naga ancestry, why they are proud to be manipuris? And they should be proud to be nagas. All community are proud to be their own community. All community have same value, they have their own customs, own beliefs etc. All are powerful, no one is inferior to anyone, all are same in their own world like nagas are proud to be nagas, assamese are proud to be assamese, bengalis are proud to be bengalis etc. Meiteis may be they are manipuris but why they always against the bishnupriyas, they say us negros, doms etc. They are really stupid. Yes bishnupriyas have dark skin than the meiteis. But we bishnupriyas have not so dark skin also ‘the sylleti bengalis who are considered to be the most fairest bengalis among all bengalis’ and we b manipuries have more fair skin than these sylleti bengalis, we bm have more fair skin than the assamese people also and if these meiteis say us negros then what are these about assamese, bengali or north indians except the kashmiris, We bm have more fair skin than all these north indians, assamese people etc. That means what according to meiteis, all indians are negroids. This is so stupid. If meiteis want to be manipuries then they should behave like a manipuri why meiteis are insulting bishnupriya manipuris which are the original manipuris.

While the Manipuris, especially the Manipuris outside Manipur are still facing the Bishnupriya problem it would be worthwhile to bring out such books that shows a clarification on the Bishnupriya. Besides Ch Manihar’s book ‘A clarification on the Bishnupriya in relation to the Manipuris’ which is commendable, this book is also worthy to be mentioned. The Bishnupriyas have always been pressurizing the Government of Assam that their language should be included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution claiming they were the first inhabitants of Manipur. What an awful claim is this? Here in this book the author at the very outset tells about the Meitei, the original people of Kangleipak (Manipur). The unalloyed Meeteis are the original people of this land. The Meetei upto this day think themselves to be the descendants of Gods because of the background of the Puya. The Puya says the original Meeteis were created by God in the likeness of Him. The Meeteis were created looking at the image of God, as a model of God’s shape and likeness. These people called Meeties are living this in land now called Manipur today. Whether the Bishnupriyas are the Mayangs or Kalishas or any other race related with the Indo-Aryan race group or any other group whose racial name Bishnupriya was derived from Bishnu worshipping or from any other reason, their association with the history of Manipur was only since 14th century AD. Before this period, they were non-existent in this land, clarifies the book.

lakhshmindra da I am collecting more history books from many source of publisher but it is not sufficient. I think in near future I will able to present a strong history about our identity, You help me by sharing the books, My ID is ‘

Mi-thai > Mi-thei > mei-thei > Mei-tei
Mi-thai: I m a Thais.
This is the original meaning and root of the present word ‘meitei’.

Bishnupriya manipuri Gotro – Lokei (clans)



Koireng lokei

koireng khullakpa lokei
koireng aaja lokei
kourang khullakpa lokei
meyangpa lokei
keeifa khullakpa lokei
lama lokei
melleipi lokei
leisi lokei
khai khullakpa lokei
arigo lokei
parougo lokei
keeifaaja lokei
All these koireng clans belong to Biygra gotro.

Raja lokei (khumel)

lankaoja lokei
shiago lokei
arifam lokei
moipago lokei
koinampa lokei
parougo lokei
melleipi lokei
ishalpa lokei
thola lokei
leisi lokei
loimago lokei
ningomba lokei
khaikhullakpa lokei
pashalpa lokei
arigo lokei
thangchapa lokei
barpua lokei
kiangba lokei
maguraja lokei
All these Raja clans belong to Modhugollyo gotro

Ningthou khongjiya clans

ningaaja lokei
ningthemtol lokei
lama lokei
bonua lokei
koisangpa lokei
tilumcha lokei
anoufam lokei
ningomba lokei
ninthangkpa lokei
All these ningthou clans belong to Shandillyo gotro.

Luwang clans

pangsiko lokei
malu pongiy lokei
parougo lokei
thola lokei
arifam lokei
All these luwang clans belongs to Kashyop gotro

moirangs clans –

lempa lokei
chirua lokei
thokchura lokei
kharanggo lokei
lama lokei
khulakpa lokei
burago lokei
borua lokei
parougo lokei
arei khullakpa lokei
All these lempa clans belong to Angarisiyo gotro except borua lokei, burago lokei, khulakpa lokei, arei khullakpa lokei and parougo lokei belong to Atreyo gotro.

Khaba clans

khaba khullakpa lokei
mangkeigo lokei
tanga lokei
meing acanban lokei
eronga lokei
parougo lokei
All these khaba clans belong to Bhorodwoj gotro.
Arifam lokei [KOUSHIK]
Thola lokei [KOUSHIK]
Khaikhullakpa lokei [BATSYO] [GOUTOM]
Parougo lokei [BATSYO]

Now, there are several clan names which I don’t know to which gotro they belong which are listed below –

molpongo lokei
pachiya lokei
chafa lokei
shibei lokei
tosila lokei
lokhma lokei
loia lokei
laka lokei
nongmoi lokei
morompa lokei
satro lokei
barpua lokei
selkomchipa lokei
kshaikhoura lokei
sangoipham lokei
tulba khullakpa lokei
nagchou lokei
kotoipa lokei
langtia lokei
oirukpa lokei
mechigo lokei

Though I have missed many clan names such as the angom clans which belong to goutom gotro and many clans of raja lokeis and may be updated afterwards, There are alltogether close to 90 lokeis (clans).
So, please if you have any information about this you can notify me and help me to promote this post.
These Lokeis makes a distinct identity from other communities.
I myself belong to Biygra gotro and my lokei is Koireng khullakpa lokei.

Dear friend u hv missed a lokei, what about d aathurigo lokei. I m athurigo lokei, please can u tell me wat is aathurigo lokei’s gotro.

Thanks Dhiraj, you had done a great job. I really don’t know you personaly but really praise you for your great contribution to our bishnupriya manipuri community. My lokei is Lankaoja lokei (Raja lokei) and my gotro is madhukallya gotro. I hardly knew 9 or 10 lokeis, but thanks for the hard work you had attempted, now I known many other lokei which is very useful for our bishnupriya manipuri society. Once the gotro’s got confirmed these post can be published in a public forum. Our bishnupriya manipuri language and lokei-gotro system really makes a distinct identity and which is helpful for our bishnupriya manipuri development for making ourself to maintain a distinct identity which is Bishnupriya Manipuri. Thanks

Enoupa lokei, Mekura lokei, Ningthonga lokei, Leimaha lokei.

it’s not Thokchura lokei, it’s actually Thokchuba lokei.

all bishnupriya manipuris have the Y DNA Haplogroup R1a1a which is the Aryan race marker. Go check google illeterate dimwits.

@Raj Aryan, Please give me the link in your comment which proves that bishnupriya manipuri’s gene race is a aryan race marker. I cannot find anything. The given things in google does not justify that bishnupriya manipuri blood are of Aryan Race marker. Please justify your above comment with appropriate recognized links. We bishnupriya manipuri i.e. Khalachai manipuris does not even look like you. Don’t tell that our bishnupriya genes are same with indo-aryans. And for the language Chakma and Hajong also speak indo-aryan languages but by race they are also mongoloids.

@Raj Aryan, It doesn’t matter if bishnupriya Manipuris (Khalachai manipuris) are tibeto-burmese or indo-aryans. Actually Bishnupriya Manipuri’s maternal(mother’s side) was mongoloid), since no aryans came afterwards, generations after generations bishnupriya manipuris have been changed completely. Though some of bishnupriya manipuri have indo-aryan look but 90% of bishnupriya manipuris are approaching mongoloid looking faces who are living in the backward villages and majority of bishnupriya manipuris live in very backward villages.

@Raj Aryan, Mahabharat of Manipura, The great Arjun came to manipura and met the meitei princess Chitrangadha who was the only daughter of the then king of Manipur Chitrabahan. They fall in love and out of wedlock of Arjun-Chitrangadha, Babrubahan was born to them and Bishnupriya manipuris are the descendents of Babrubahan. Again, Arjun’s elder brother the Great Bhim met Hidimbi and out of wedlock of Bhim-Hidimbi, Ghatotkoch was born to them and the Dimasa Kacharis are the descendents of Ghatotkoch and that does not means Dimasas or Bishnupriyas will become Aryans. Because only Arjun and Bhim cannot make the whole mongoloid community into aryans. Actually meiteis were the aboriginals of manipura because meiteis were the earliest settlers in the land Manipura and Bishnupriya manipuris directly originated in Manipura from meitei princess Chitrangadha and the great Arjun through their son Babrubahan. Earlier bishnupriya manipuris were known as ”KHALACHAI” which is a southern chinese dialect word meaning Children of The Wide Lake which is the loktak lake of present manipur. Actually Khalachais were confined to the surroundings of Loktak lake. This is the proof that bishnupriya manipuris(khalachai) were the aboriginals of northeast.

Earlier Bishnupriya manipuris were known as Khalachai. Khalachais were confined to the surroundings of the Loktak lake of Manipur. ‘KHALACHAI’ is a southern chinese dialect word, Kha – Lake, La – Wide, Chai – Children meaning Children of The Wide Lake. We bishnupriya manipuris have our own clan names known to us by the name ”LOKEI”. We should write our Title name according to our Lokei names. Even Assamese people write their title names according to their original titles, for eg – Kalita, Bordoloi, Deka, Das, Pathak, etc. I become very angry when other people say our bishnupriya manipuris that bishnupriyas are bengali tribes, bihari etc. and that is because other people don’t know about us. This lokei is the only way to indentify ourselves as Bishnupriya manipuris. We are not bengalis, nor biharis nor any other, always remember we are one and only ”Bishnupriya Manipuri”. Please write your title names according to your Lokei(clan names) to keep our origin. I have also seen that some of our bishnupriya manipuris have started writing their title names according to their Lokei in Facebook. Proud to be a Bishnupriya Manipuri.
Proud to be an Indian.
Jai Hind.

I am a bishnupriya manipuri. My lokei is Mangkeigo nd my gotro is Bharadwaj. I knw that nd my grandma had also told me Mangkeigo lokei belongs to Khaba Nganba.

You are working real hard to establish an identity,aknwledged,but do you realy think you could overestimate Meiteis and their glorious history of 2000+ years while climing urself to be original people?You people came to kangleipak as bramhans/khetriyas following the forced conversion of Meiteis into hinduism during 18th century only.The Raslila as you proudly claims to be yours was developed by king chandrakriti,why are you trying to fool urself?Instead you you should look possiblities for saving you identity.1st option:DROP BISHNUPRIYA or 2nd option:DROP MANIPURI or 3rd option:(On failing to comply uself to the above mentioned two conditions) Live a life of a BASTARDS!

Yes, Bishnupriya Manipuris are Khatriyo race.

Sorry, u have lost all ur logical arguments. Naturally, u have lost ur control. It is not fair. Please check. The first Bishnupriya Manipuri exodus started during the 17th century.


The first thing, he has not written this article to underestimate anyone. Why are u making yourself as a joke. If you don’t know anything then shut your mouth and do your own work.

Sorry Moirangthem, we cannot drop anyone of these words because ”BISHNUPRIYA” is our father and ”MANIPURI” is our mother. We Bishnupriya Manipuris love both our father and mother. We Bishnupriya Manipuris cannot part with our father and mother. Because it will be injustice if we drop ”BISHNUPRIYA” or if we drop ”MANIPURI”.
Proud to be a Bishnupriya Manipuri.

Appreciated the piece of article about bishnupriya manipuris being circulated here for pure knowledge

Thanks to everybody who put their pen and mind to make the discussion a lively one.

stop shouting around, any word or a said line can be translated into thousand meaning, thts depends on your philosophy, if i says i m hungry, you may think hunger of sex, hunger of wealth or anything, feel lucky you all are born as a human being and not as a dog.
and stop discussing abt the subject in which you are not clear enough.

Bishnupriya manipuris are trivals or not? Plz give me a ans?

It’s true that we Bishnupriya Manipuris are tribals but since we Bishnupriya Manipuris are descendants of Babrubahan- son of Arjun so we Bishnupriya Manipuris are also Hindus.

I think mahabharata only happen to be in text or its an epic so its like a story made up like the story made up by u people to be a manipuri. For more than 2000 years manipuri or meetei kept their history as CHEITHAROL KUMPABA and only during 17th cenury u people were mention as refugee or some kind. Its facts and u hate to accept it dear mayang brothers

So BM are trivals na frndz?

My father is manipuri belong Vishnu priya family…

my born & bought up in gujarat so i dont understand about all this…

but m intrested to know about vishnupriya …

if u dont mind share with me all things…

Whatz ua tribe??? @bela

Our Bishnupriyo monipuri history is excellent. Proud 2 b… a Bishnupriyo Monipuri.

I m a Bishnupriya and we should drop the word ”MANIPURI” from it, since we are Bishnupriya and along with that all the meitei tibeto-burmese words should be replaced by indo-aryan words, and surprisingly there are also thousands of Kuki-Chin and naga origin words in Bishnupriya language, so we must also drop those kuki-chin naga words along with meitei origin words.

No we can’t change, it’s EVOLUTION. This evolution proves us that we Bishnupriya Manipuris are also part of Mongoloid tibeto-burmese origin people, because other than meitei words, KuKi-Chin-Naga origin words are also found in Bishnupriya Manipuri Language eg- Pheichom, a pure kuki word. Khullakpa- naga origin word. More than that there are many tibeto-burmese words found in Bishnupriya Manipuri Language which are of it’s own origin not borrowed from others, for Eg. LOU= SHOUT, DOU=GOD, POU=NEWS, KHOU=BAG, HOU=CURRY, SOU=CHILD, MOU=SUGARCANE, BOU=AIR, THOU=OIL, PHOU-OEIL=REACHED, etc. We should not change by ourshelves, we should respect the evolution that has taken within us and follow the evolution. Respect Mother Nature and be respected. We are proud to be Bishnupriya Manipuries. Long live Bishnupriya Manipuri. ”No one have the power to destroy us if we Bishnupriya Manipuris stand still courageously infront of others.”

to learn the origin of bishnupriya. do some dna test. I am form manipur meitei. remember present manipur is not the manipur mentioned in mahabharat.

Hey ew meitie……..juz st up ua f**k*ng mouth……

bishnupriya decendent of arjun. in this computer age one does know what is myth and reality.

You meitei blame us we are Kalisha , Mayang , There is one main point is on our favour, you know guys Meitei came to Manipuri From eastern countries , They are not Hindu. All meitei bros now don’t blame on me .. your history your Books told that you are not Hindu . that’s why u don’t have any authorized to claim yourselves REAL MANIPURI. Because MANIPURI ARE HINDUS. thanks to all for reading this hope u will reply to my comment.

please read the geography mentioned in mahabharat. the present manipur is not the manipur mentioned in Mahabharat. arjuna reached manipur walking along the sea coast. now the present manipur is land lock hundred of kilometer away from sea.

everyone read this is the best article describes the history of manipur.

n for meiteis we dont give a fuck to what u says u were the real refugees coming from tibet n burma. stop calling urself manipuri…manipuri is sanskrit word n it belongs to sankrit people.. indo-aryan which are bishnupriya manipuris u r Mongolian people why do u using a sanskrit name for referring ur coming have a think stupid peoples u people are also not hindu ur original religion is sanamahism ur not hindus also go fuck yurself n stop fooling urself n other have some shame fuckers

there is no evidence that the present manipur is the manipur mentioned in Mahabharata. in mahabharata it is clearly mentioned that Manipur lies near sea. present Manipur is a landlock. Arjuna reach Manipur after visiting Kalinga( orissa) and the mahendagiri mountain ( eastern ghat). there is no anthropological or archealogical evidence that bishnupriya are first settler of Manipur.

Dear fellow brothers n sisters( both Meitei n Bishnupriya)

Why you people argue upon real Manipuri? Doesn’t your father told you guys that ur Manipuri. Stop all these nonsence and for both sides let me tell you that first we all are said and well known as manipuris and after knowing by this name ‘Manipuri’ other people called our land as the land of manipuris that is Manipur.

I think if you people will fight like this then one day there will be two new states in our country
1. Meiteiland
2. Bishnupriyaland

But all around there will be no Manipur.

what is the clan of chitraganda.

“””Mahendranagar:The highest mountain of Manipuris Meghaparvata. The Aryan name of which has, as mentioned in Adi Parva of the Mahabharata (page-213) was Mahendra purl•uta. The Meiteis translated this name in their own tongue and named it “Nongmaijing”””””. for the writer of this article —— Nongmaijing is not the highest mountain of manipur. it is not you mahendra or any mountain or hill mentioned in mahabharata

“””Mahendranagar:The highest mountain of Manipuris Meghaparvata. The Aryan name of which has, as mentioned in Adi Parva of the Mahabharata (page-213) was Mahendra purl•uta. The Meiteis translated this name in their own tongue and named it “Nongmaijing”””””. for the writer of this article —— Nongmaijing is not the highest mountain of manipur. it is not your mahendragiri parbat or any mountain or hill mentioned in mahabharata

Many meitei claim that Present MANIPUR is not Ancient Manipur , Ancient Manipur was located to W.B OK no problem with it, Now Ancient Manipur was at W.B and we are from the first ever MANIPUR place , and We are first manipuri of the world. and Meitei thinks they are manipuri , since MAHABHARATA era we call ourselves as MANIPURI but since 1972 Manipur state established/named and meitei thinks they are manipuri … and our stupid government thinks too. No need to mention the meaning MANIPUR again, all meitei aren’t real MEITEI , only Ningthouja Dynasty were real meitei and others clan were living with Manipuri(bishnupriya) at Manipur. Ningthouja dynasty came to manipuri and unite all tribes clan Angom , Luwang etc and named them as MEITEI.

Mr austin we meitei call ourself manipuri because we are domicile of manipur. Can u provide any proof that you were living in manipur for thousand of years

Moirangs are the descendants of Babrubahan, basically the people belonging to the Attri gotro and the people belonging to the Byagro gotro i.e. the Koireng Khullakpas, Miyangpa etc are descendants of Parikshit, another son of Arjun.

mr moirang come to MOIRANG of manipur.

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