Unicode has become the best way to display many writing systems of the world in browsers. Hopefully our language is included in the Unicode. Bishnupriya Manipuri uses Bengali script (বাংলা লিপি) which is a variant of the Eastern Nagari script, also used for Bengali, Assamese and Maithili.

Now you are able to see Bishnupriya Manipuri unicode text in your mobile phone. You can view Bishnupriya Manipuri in your mobile like in Facebook or Blogs or Wikipedia.

Opera mini version 4.1 onwards supports Bishnupriya Manipuri unicode even if your mobile phone doesn’t support it. All you need is a java enabled handset. It does it via rendering bengali text in the server, rather than on phone, and then displaying.

To activate the option you just need to do the 2 steps –

Step – 1: Install Opera Mini

Visit the address mini.opera.com using your phone’s default Web browser and download and install Opera Mini

PC download link:  http://www.opera.com/mini/download/


Step – 2: Configure Opera Mini

    1. Start Opera mini and type in “opera:config” in the address bar


    1. Look at option Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts. Make it “yes”


Now I believe you can view Bishnupriya Manipuri in your mobile.

You can visit Bishnupriya Manipuri wikipedia, Facebook and many other Unicode compliant Bishnupriya Manipuri sites.


For example: